Everything you need to know about Bummy:

Where is Bummy HQ located?

Bummy HQ is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

My Bummy is damaged....help me!

Please email us through the "contact us" link and let us know what's happened. We'll get back to you pronto about what next. 

I've got a ripping idea for a Bummy and I want it to happen!

We love hearing new ideas from our fans, shoot us an email through the website and we'll see if we can make it happen!

My purchase wont go through! I keep getting an error message!!

How frustrating!! That's the interweb for ya! If your having this problem try using another device such as another smart phone or computer. If that still isn't working then shoot us an email and we'd be happy to send you payment details for direct transfer. 

Oh no! I've given you the wrong postal address.

Yes, this happens from time to time. If you can get on to us before we've posted your Bummy then we can easily change your details. Unfortunately, if its been sent out already you will have to go through the standard purchasing process again. This means that you will be subject to the postage costs set by Australia Post to have your package re-sent or you can request a refund (minus the cost of the charges incurred by us posting your package initially) of your purchase. Handling charges remain free. 

What about waist sizes?

Please be sure to check the waist size of each of our bags (in the product details) and then measure up your waist before committing to the purchase.