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The Bummy Story

Maximum Adventure, Maximum Fun, Maximum Bummy!

Have you ever dreamed of a world where your pockets were obsolete? A world where everything you need when busting your best moves on the dance floor is right on your hip? What about whilst you're walking the dog, hitting the gym or even going for a run? Do you find yourself wishing you had a place to keep your dreams safe and sound?

Well we DID! Bumbag revival is on our agenda and it needed to happen yesterday. 

We're just a couple of simple guys with a simple dream. We dream that everyone will soon be wearing a bummy with nothing but energy, smiles, laughter, dance, pride, tolerance, dreams and kindness from one hip right to the other. 

We're releasing a new Bummy each month from retro awesome to sensible Sally, Bummy has something for everyone. Follow us on facebook (Bummy) and via Instagram ( and never miss out on the bummy of your dreams. 

Maximum adventure, maximum fun, maximum Bummy!

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