Festival Fanny Pack Essentials. Perfectly pack your hip!

by Heather Candy Hooves
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Festival Fanny Pack Essentials. Perfectly pack your hip!

Its cannot be argued that one essential item for surviving any festival season is the humble bumbag. 

A treasure from the past, this little waist clinging companion is the prefect wrap around when you don't have the luxury of pockets. But when space is limited because freedom to bust your best moves is crucial, what makes the cut for accompanying you to the dance floor and what should be left behind for future you to come back to later.

At Bummy HQ we asked 100 festival fanatics about their bumbag essentials and this is what they've told us you need to know about perfectly packing your hip this season:

1. Lip balm (shout the pout, luscious lips simmer and glimmer) 

2. Painkillers (for that person who keeps telling you they need to sit down because they have a headache and you've only just arrived)

3. Lollies (it's that light meal you really savor when you forgot all about lunch)

5. Chewing gum (fresh breath for close encounters)

6. ID (no ID no entry - don't be that guy in the group that's frantically patting himself down looking for his ID when you're standing at the gate waiting to get in)

7. Cash (you know you'll find something you REALLY need at that cute little overpriced market stall that's been staring at you every time you walk from your tent to the dance floor)

8. Lighter (smoke em if you've got em - unless you're one of those people without the ability to make fire)

10. Your OWN smokes (being asked to spare a dart on the dance floor for the ill-prepared is exhausting)  

11. Sun cream (you're going to be dancing up a storm, you don't need to burn your beautiful face whilst doing it)

12. Hand sanitizer (a festival essential when you don't want to eat dance floor dirt with your hot dog)

13. Wet wipes (yep that little mini pack will have you breathing easy when you get to the portaloo and find nothing but filth staring right back at you. 

14. Face paint (for dance floor touch ups of course!)

15. Pen (you just never know when you might get asked for your number and writing with glitter can be real tough)

Have you got something we've missed? Throw as a bone and let us know what all about your festival essentials. 

Love each other, 

Heather Candy Hooves  



by Heather Candy Hooves


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